T, S and M

Cats and Dogs

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T, S and M Associates was named for the two cats we had at the time, The Squeater and Mini (both of whom have gone on to Rainbow Bridge).  When we moved to Woodinville we decided to continue the T, S and M "tradition" and have continued to name our cats so that we always have  T, S and M  cats.  At the moment, that means Tizzle, Sandy Felter and Maxwell P. Kitty!  Not too long after moving "to the country" Lynne decided we needed "a dog" which, of course, became "dogs" and not just any dog, but Dobermans.

The first Doberman was Merlin, then we got Poetic Justice and then they created a litter and Victoria's dog, Cheyenne.   First Justice, then Merlin went on to Rainbow Bridge and in 2003 we got a new Doberman, Luke.  In early January, 2006, Cheyenne went on to Rainbow Bridge and now we just have Luke.